The Benefits Of Using Aspen Lumber

aspen lumberAspen is one of the most widely distributed trees in North America – they are found from Alaska to Arizona & from Michigan to Maine. When walking through the wilderness you might notice a “stand” of Aspen trees – these are referred to as clones – because they are genetically identical. The trees in these clone groups have a common root system & through suckering, reproduce new stems. Aspen Tree’s require full sunlight to grow and reproduce; they are considered a shade-intolerant tree. You will find there are many different wholesale lumber suppliers of aspen, each carrying their own unique line of products. Aspen Lumber is a great choice to work with because it is easy to shape & has a higher tolerance of split resistance. It is considered a “soft” wood, so it typically uses less electric power to saw & shape when installing. There are many uses for Aspen Lumber, while it is not considered a good pulp or framing wood, aspens have qualities that put them in high demand for certain goods & uses. Depending on what each supplier has to offer you will find the uses for Aspen lumber will include, Interior Siding, Furniture, & Fencing.

Aspen is perfect for your rustic looking den, great room or mountain retreat. Aspen is beautiful lighter colored wood with heavy contrasting brown knots & grains running through it. Aspen will help to lighten up a room & give you a very unique look that everyone will ask about. While Aspen can be tough to find because of the uniqueness of the stands they come it, by doing your research & following up with the suppliers in your area you are sure to find the perfect fit for your current project.