The Difference of Wood Fencing

cedar fenceWood fences are the most common type of fence in the United States. However, although it is one of the first materials we used for fencing, the fence industry has come a long way and incorporated many new products throughout the years. When it comes to choosing your fencing products you will want to make sure you do your research, put the time needed into it and do the work. This will help you to feel more satisfied with how your fence turns out and you shouldn’t receive too many surprises as you are installing or having it installed.When it comes to building your fence there are many questions you will ask yourself, those helping you and the lumberyard you might be purchasing from. You will have the choice of width for your fence (1×4, 1×6, 1×8) etc. When picking the width of your slat you will also want to consider the length as well as the thickness that will come with your slat. All of these will help to determine how much of one product you might need, obviously the smaller the slat the more you are going to use, however that doesn’t mean that it is going to cost you more. Typically you will find that 1×4 cedar slat is the cheapest and 1×8 is the most expensive (per slat) – although make sure to do all your calculations, many individuals tend to think if they choose 1×8 cedar slat they are going to be spending more, when in reality a lot of the time they end up spending less or only a few dollars more. Wood fencing can give many different looks, depending on what you are going for you can take a more rustic look, a garden look, or a classier look. Depending on what you choose to do will also depend on the way your slats are placed.

You will have a choice of Dog Ear (sliced ends) or Flat Top – if you are going for a privacy fence and you want to install your slats horizontally – then you are going to too want to stick with Flat Top. Dog Ear gives your fence a little bit of character and adds to the outside view of the fence, this tends to be one of the more common types of slats that is used. You will find that when installing a wood fence, there is not much limitation to what you can do, wood is an excellent material to design custom fencing for those who require a particular design or have specific needs.

If your wood fence is installed properly & maintenance kept up on it, it can last up to 20 years. The maintenance needed throughout its time should remain simple, like a picket or post replaced once in a while. The wood may also need to be repainted or stained throughout its lifetime to remain the same classic look you have chosen to go with. If your fence does not get the maintenance it needs you will see that it can warp or rot over time. Take care of your wooden fence as it is an investment that can last you if done properly.