Things You Should Know About Wood Shed Siding Options

From fiber cement to galvanized steel, there are tons of shed siding options that a DIY woodworking enthusiast or a homebuilder can choose from. If you ask a dozen builders which type building is ideal for your shed, you’ll probably get twelve different answers. While their answers may vary, they will definitely agree that wood is one of the best and most popular shed sidings options today.If you are looking for the best shed siding options for your project, it would be ideal for you to go with the real stuff and forget the synthetic imitations. With wood as your shed siding, you get to enjoy these benefits:

  • As far as sidings, no other material has the timeless and classic beauty of wood. With wood as your siding, you get to build a shed that will absolutely leave your neighbors and guests in awe.
  • Besides it natural charm, wood has a few other perks that would add to its appeal. As a siding, wood is available in a broad range of colors, styles and textures.
  • Wood is ideal for outdoor applications, as it has the ability to resist rot and pests. With that said, wood sidings make a perfect siding for our shed.
  • Of all the siding options available today, wood is by far the most eco-friendly one. Unlike other siding materials, wood is a renewable and biodegradable resource.
  • Another benefit that can be offered by using wood siding is that it can help reduce your utility bills. Basically, wood is a natural insulator that maintains the ideal indoor temperature in your shed.

There are a number of wood siding options you can use for your shed. Below are the most common wood siding options for shed:

  • Wooden clapboard – This siding option can be made out of fir, spruce and pine. It is very affordable and durable, especially when sealed or painted.
  • Board and batten – Looks extremely nice and is very easy to install. For the most part, it is made out of spruce, fir, cedar boards and knotty pine.
  • Tongue and groove – Can be installed diagonally, horizontally and vertically.
  • Cedar shakes – They are fairly durable and would absorb stain well. Installing them would require a great deal of effort and time on your end, but they would really look great on your shed.
  • Plywood – This is cheapest wood siding option you can use for your shed. Plywood, however, is the least attractive option, as far as wood shed siding.