Things You Should Know When Staining Your Cedar Siding

Adding a well-toned and warm cedar siding stain to your outdoor deck can greatly benefit you in a lot of different ways. With a cedar siding stain, you get to preserve the cedar’s natural oils. This, in turn, will keep the lumber safe from insects and fungi as well as give the siding a unique scent. Furthermore, staining can bring out the texture and depth of your property’s cedar siding, especially when you are using stains with wide range of shades and tones. Applying a stain to your cedar deck can be rather easy and simple, even for someone who has little to no experience in woodworking and wood staining. To apply stain to your cedar deck, make sure to follow these tips;

The best time to stain
To get the best coat for your cedar boards, make sure apply to apply the stain to the boards before installing them to your exterior. That way, you will be able to add coating to both sides and faces as well as the bottom and top edges of the boards. Also, make sure to add the stain before it starts to weather, as it will ingest the maximum amount of deep-penetrating and protective stain when the lumber is in this condition.

Type of stain to use
A word of advice, make sure to use a cedar siding stain that has a mildewcide and a UV protector in its formulation, so you can preserve the siding. Likewise, do not use stains that have acrylic and latex bases since they do not provide the appropriate protection against UV radiation and resistance to moisture.

Applying the stain
The best and fastest way to apply the stain to your cedar board is to use a natural and thick bristle brush. Basically, a bristle brush can evenly distribute the stain to the lumber’s grain. Moreover, it reaches to the surface’s small undulations of the exterior boards.

Drying process
After the first coating, allow the applied coating to dry in a shaded area where it is sheltered from rain and wind. For the most part, stains dry around six to eight hours. As soon as the first stain coating is dry, apply a second coating.