Treating Cedar T&G

Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove or Cedar T&G, has been a popular choice to use for siding exterior structures. Cedar is known for its ability to withstand moisture and decay, as well as having a bitter taste to keep the bugs away. Although cedar t&g is naturally strong, it is still a good idea to have it primed and stained. Priming the cedar t&g prevents extractive bleeding. Extractive bleeding is when the properties within the cedar mix with moisture. Eventually this mixture will rise to the surface creating a natural discoloration and stain. This doesn’t harm the western red cedar t&g, but it will have an effect on stains or paints put on the wood. Priming the cedar t&g will stop this from happening, allowing stains or paints to having longer life spans and reach their max performance.Once the priming has been completed, the stain is then added. The stain is put in place to protect the cedar from weathering, discoloration, and moisture damage. Not only does the stain protect the cedar, it also brings out the natural colors and textures of the wood. Depending on what product is used, the entire face of the cedar t&g can also be altered. Commonly used stains are: solid color stain, semi-transparent stain, and transparent stain. Solid color stains provide a variety of long lasting colors, while protecting the cedar. Semi-transparent stains add a delicate color to the surface, while maintaining the woods grain and character. Transparent stains enhance the natural colors of the cedar, leaving a clear clean coat to protect the wood.When priming and staining your cedar t&g, it is best to apply before installation. Doing this insures that all surfaces have been treated. Otherwise after installing your cedar t&g, the tongues and grooves won’t be applied to and possibly other tight spots, leaving open places for water to damage. It will take more time and effort, but priming and staining both sides of the cedar is best. When both sides are treated it enhances the performance of your products used and increase the life of your cedar t&g.