Walnut Slabs for Tables and Benches

Thinking of giving your living room a centerpiece of a table that people will love? Want a perfect dining room table? Looking for a visually appealing yet heavy duty bench for your porch, patio or even office lobby? Walnut slabs are perfect for this! 

Our Walnut Slabs 

Our walnut and walnut maple slabs make for ideal tables and benches because they are so utterly solid. At the same time, they have character. Each slab is a unique piece bearing the marks of age, visibly having withstood the test of time, which only shows how dependable it is. They have a significant heft. In short, they are nothing like other flimsier options and their appearance and essence is the exact opposite of mass manufactured. With these, you are getting a truly distinct piece that has been further crafted with skill into the product you have before you. 

Moreover, this isn’t just for cosmetics or vanity. The solidness of our walnut slabs make them perfect for bearing loads and withstanding pressure, so you won’t be afraid of breaking them after prolonged use. They have practical purposes even as they look charismatic.  

Our live edge wood walnut slabs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So be sure to check our inventory. These walnut slabs for sale make great tables, countertops, benches, you name it! Every piece is one of a kind and full of character. 

Prices vary in size. For further inquiries reach out to Rustic Lumber, your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier in the Utah, Colorado and Idaho areas.