Wood and Lumber Replacements for Household Plastic Products

Opting for sturdier, longer-lasting wood and lumber alternatives to plastic-based products and disposables is a sure way to be more eco-friendly.  It’s part of how lumber use can help the earth. More and more people are discovering, or re-discovering, ways to use wood and lumber products. And in response to this demand, there are more of these available in the market. People can also carve or assemble such items for themselves using raw materials from their local lumber supplier. So here are a few examples of affordable alternatives to plastic for your home and kitchen:



Wood spoons and spatulas are great. With these, you won’t have to worry about the utensils heating up and melting or seeping plastic toxins into your food.They’re also less likely to scratch the plates or frying pans. You can even try out something new and take it to the next level by using wood chopsticks. 


Cutting Boards

The classic wood chopping board can take more of a beating, for when you’re cleaving bigger chunks of meat. And they’ll stay better looking than their plastic equivalents, which tend to look gnarly after a few months of use. They’re easier to sanitize too. Wood cutting boards are practically just slabs of lumber, so it’ll be easy to find the right materials from your local lumber supplier. Slice and dice away! 


Plates and Bowls

Something very basic. People have been using wooden plates and bowls for ages. Bring ‘em back to make your kitchen and dining room more sustainable. They can also be easily made microwave-safe. 


Mortar and Pestle

Likewise with mortars and pestles. These have been used for ages. Wooden ones tend to be lighter and smaller, whereas their equivalents made out of stone are larger and for more heavy duty grinding. 



So you’ve got a bunch of wooden items for your kitchen. You’ll need to clean them. Not only do wooden dish brushes avoid plastic and polyurethane materials that are hard to recycle, the bristles made out of natural fibers are also much more durable. These will last you longer! 



Categorize all the stuff you have in your shelves and drawers with a wood organizer. 



Not only do wood hangers look better, they’re also sturdier. Unlike their plastic counterparts, they won’t break under the weight of heavier clothing like sweaters. 



Dish racks, soap racks, wine racks, shoe racks, these can all be easily made out of wood. These will be much more durable than any plastic equivalent and can carry hefty loads. 


Better Choices

Not only are these products friendlier to the environment, they’re also sturdier. These are what people have used throughout history before the advent of cheap and disposable mass-produced plastic goods. They are timeless, aesthetic and wholly functional. Can’t buy some of these items from the store? Maybe consider it a potential woodworking project! Contact your local lumber supplier to see if they have the right kind of wood for the specific items.