Wooden Signs, Another Great Way to Use Lumber

Wooden signs are a great way to beautify a place with woodworking. It can be your place of business, like a cafe, restaurant, store or even an office. Or it could be your home, like living rooms or dining rooms. Either way, it’s a great DIY woodworking project to pursue. So here are some wooden sign project ideas for your consideration:

For The Home

Indoor Wooden Signs

The quintessential “Home Sweet Home” sign you can place over the entrance or in the living room. It’s most picturesque by the fireplace. This type of sign adds a homey touch and allows you to personalize your abode. With other touches, like wooden wall panels, flooring and such, you can give your home a rustic aesthetic, that log cabin feel that’s really cozy.

Dining rooms are also another perfect spot for wooden signs of the “Eat, Pray, Love” variety. These spaces we frequent will be enhanced with custom signs that have personal touches. Especially since these wooden products are handcrafted, whereas other decorative items might come off as mass produced. Your wood signs and other DIY projects have a special touch!

Outdoor Wooden Signs

Got a shed? Marking your property? Want to decorate your mail box? Outdoor signs are great for these and like their indoor counterparts they add character.

For Businesses

Running a cafe, bar or restaurant? Wooden signs are ideal if the establishment has a compatible look and feel. Wooden signs have that classic look. They add authenticity to a venue, making it memorable for customers. That rustic feel gives relaxing vibes, perfect for when you’re having a nice warm cup of coffee or a cold beer.

Likewise for shop signs, as you can have a big wooden storefront sign over the entrance. There can also be smaller indoor store signs marking shelves and such. The establishment will have that old-fashioned general store aesthetic.

Wooden signs can even work for offices. If you want your startup to be cozy, then it’s definitely the way to go. Customized signs, like those announcing the Employee of the Month, can also be a welcomed touch.

Directional Signs

These designate guest rooms, cabinets, bathrooms or various parts of the office, making navigation much more convenient for those unfamiliar with the premises. People will definitely appreciate well laid out wayfinding signs.

The Sign of the Times

Wooden signs use relatively affordable material and each will be unique. They’re good for businesses as well as for personal purposes. So whatever your signage needs are, you can opt to make it a DIY project instead of going for a mass produced sign.