How Woodworking Can Change Lives

There’s nothing quite like working with lumber, putting your back into the whole process, hefting wooden blocks and using tools that have real weight to them. You’re crafting something useful with your own hands and the results will depend on your abilities, you aren’t just ordering something or pressing a button or tapping on a screen. There’s something primal to woodworking, and revisiting this can be really beneficial for our lives. Here’s how:

Making Custom Furniture That’s Fit For You!

Too tall for most chairs? Want a better table? Want a customized cabinet for your gear or wardrobe? If your local stores don’t have the kind of design you’re envisioning in your mind’s eye, then you can make it yourself! Whether it’s a stool, a bench, or even something other than furniture like a dog house, a garden shed or even a whole cabin if you’re feeling ambitious, you can create something that’s truly yours that’ll match your precise specifications.

On the plus side, making your own furniture might be more affordable – if you don’t mind doing the labor yourself.

Learning Skills is Empowering

Of course, complex woodworking projects will require some skill, you want to create presentable furniture rather than hazards. But isn’t this the fun part? In this digital age, it still pays to maintain analog skills and hobbies. There’s nothing like crafting something yourself and delivering physically tangible results that you can use in your daily life. And the more hours you put in woodworking, the more skilled you’ll become – resulting in even better creations.

Newbies in woodworking should start with simpler projects so they can learn the ropes of the craft. Here are some woodworking projects for beginners!

It’s a Healthy Hobby

This can be a real fresh air for those stuck with office life, those who are rediscovering woodshop skills that they last used in high school (or for those who never even had woodshop classes!).

For those staying at home, spouses watching over the kids or retirees, it’s a great way to stay active and bond with the next generation while imparting useful skills. Former President Jimmy Carter is one retiree whose woodworking game is still on point, as recently as 2018 he’s still helping out in building homes for those in need, working a table saw Woodworking can also be therapeutic and beneficial for neurodivergent people.

An Appreciation for Making

In this age of “instant everything,” it can be easy to forget the amount of work that goes into creating the products we use in our daily lives. But by delving into woodworking we can get a renewed appreciation for this process, connecting us with the people behind our furniture and carpentry, and making us aware of where their materials are from and how their tools are used. And if anything breaks at home, we’ll have the ability to make our own repairs – making us more independent!

Got a Woodworking Project in Mind?

Thinking of putting that hammer and saw to good use? You’ll need supplies for the projects you’re planning. Contact us for your lumber needs!