Woodworking Projects You Can Sell

Want to hone your woodworking skills and turn in some profit? Consider selling skillfully-made, beautiful and hand-crafted wood items. It’s a good idea for a side hustle and it’s also extremely rewarding to have your creative work sought after by buyers. Still, some creations tend to sell better than others. Here are woodworking projects that tend to sell more:

Wooden Toys

These are classic, eye-catching and will surely last longer than their plastic counterparts. They’re also more environmentally friendly. These will look great in nursies and children’s bedrooms – so if you know any parents or expecting couples, you know what they’ll be looking for!

And you better make the best wooden dolls, animals, cars and more when Christmas comes around.

Picture Frames

These are easy to make and you can give each a unique look with simple decorations, colors, engravings and embellishments on the frame. Wooden frames are always in demand so it’s definitely a profitable project to look into.

Plant Boxes

Robust and eye-catching plant-boxes hand-made out of wood are great for patios, terraces, gardens and homes. They’re simple to make and people look for them.

Shoe Racks

Everyone wants a shoe rack, you need ’em to keep the house tidy. So there’s definitely a demand for these and since shoe racks are definitely not the fanciest of furniture, they don’t need much or any decorating.


Your bookworm friends will love these… and a real bookworm cannot have enough bookshelves. These will sell like hotcakes and hopefully those stacks of novels will finally be tidied up.

Bird Houses

The staple of any garden, bird houses look great when they are made out of high-quality wood and well-decorated. These aren’t difficult to make and homeowners who want to spruce up their garden, and bird-lovers, will want to buy your creations.

These are just some of the creations you can sell. Figure out your target market, find out what the people around you are looking for… and get to woodworking!