Woodworking Projects for Fall and Thanksgiving

Fall and winter are seasons full of holidays, celebrations and get-togethers with friends and family. This means it’s a time of giving and receiving gifts as well as hosting guests for reunions and gatherings. For woodworkers, these seasons are opportunities to flex their skills with woodworking projects and show off new furniture or create lovingly crafted presents to give to those they care for.

Woodworking Projects for the Holidays

Here are a few woodworking projects you can attempt during the fall and winter seasons, to either decorate your abode in time for parties, or craft gifts for your loved ones/

Here are a few woodworking projects you can attempt, to either decorate your abode in time for parties, or craft gifts for your loved ones:

Cutting Boards 

Simple yet useful, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner. A sturdy chopping board is going to be useful when preparing Thanksgiving dinner. With this you can cleave bigger chunks of meat. And a good old fashioned wooden chopping board simply looks better than their plastic equivalents. They tend to stay better-looking too, as plastic ones tend to look gnarly just after a few months. Wooden cutting boards are easier to sanitize too. Definitely a must have for the kitchen! 

Walnut Maple Slab Table

A feast with friends and family calls for a sturdy and visually impressive table. Our walnut maple slabs are the perfect material to create a dining table with. The recent Live Edge Slab Showcase displays the endless possibilities slabs possess, as woodworkers can transform these pieces of wood into all sorts of beautiful creations – including long tables that are ideal for family gatherings.

Trinkets and Ornaments

Little hand-carved turkeys or pumpkins will make for adorable gifts that also convey the season’s mood. These little knickknacks can be used as paperweights, smaller ones can serve as keychains, and these can even be given as toys to young kids. For winter, these can be holiday-themed and can even be hanged on trees.

Greeting Signs

Wood signs displaying seasonal greetings and imagery can give your home a suitable festive mood. They will also add authenticity and a rustic touch to the ambiance, compared to modern signs made out of plastic or metal. Such signs are perfect not just for homes but also for cafes and restaurants. So if you are a business owner operating such establishments, consider wooden signage for your seasonal decorations.

Wooden Chair and Stools

Having people over? Large gatherings might result in a shortage of seating, which can be solved by creating your own chairs and stools ahead of time. These will be much sturdier than flimsy plastic chairs and stools. And prettier too. Their rustic appearance will compliment your study area, and will be ideal for gatherings around the fireplace.


There’s no shortage of ideas and concepts for autumn, Thanksgiving and winter woodworking projects. Use your imagination and flex your skills.