Pass On Those Woodworking Skills to the Next Generation!

It’s important to pass on your woodworking skills to the next generation. Whether it’s a family tradition that’s seen generations through hard times, or a nifty hobby that brings joy, the experience of sharing knowhow and the bonding that comes with the act makes it worthwhile. It also has a lot of benefits, ranging from boosting self-esteem through a productive hobby to actually providing people with a viable source of income. These examples show how sharing woodworking skills can help people:

Family Legacies

So while woodworking might not seem like the most “modern” of activities, it still has its place and learning it can be really beneficial. Like in Wisconsin, where father and son team Gary and Tyler David are continuing their multi-generational family tradition of woodworking.

The previous generations owned and operated lumber companies. While Gary himself studied art and put a creative twist on his creations. He passed his skills to his son, Tyler, whose work is now featured in galleries and art shows. They sell so well that the profits are allowing him to pay for college.

“I just want as many people as possible to see my work,” said Tyler. And after graduation, he plans to increase his work, double the shows he goes, build up his online business and travel across the country.

Kids’ Woodworking Workshops

In California, Woody Law is going around teaching kids woodworking, auto shop and other vital skills. His services are becoming more and more necessary as public schools’ shrinking budgets mean they can no longer offer carpentry classes. By doing this, he’s help kids feel the satisfaction of creating things with their own hands.

“The kids are really proud of himself. It builds self-esteem. The girls are as good as the boys.” Law says. He also mentions that the parents are happy seeing their kids do something physical. But he has also observed that woodworking seems to have skipped a generation because their parents aren’t passing on their skills. So they lack tools in their homes because they’re pursuing professional careers.

Empowerment Through Power Tools

These examples show that woodworking has attained a new level of relevance for this generation. Whether it’s building your own cabin, making a simple cabinet or birdhouse or even just simple repairs for furniture, the craft is very useful and young people are open to the opportunity to learn something new and get better at it. So, go ahead and pass on those woodworking skills!