Blue Stain Pine For Your Interiors

Looking for a lumber product for your interiors? Rustic Lumber’s blue stain pine might just be the thing you are looking for. Blue stain pine tongue and groove is sometimes referred to as beetle kill pine. Since beetles are the reason for all the wormholes and blue coloring throughout the wood. Don’t worry, those beetles are long gone, but what’s left is a beautiful product great for interior homes, cabins, businesses or craftsman projects.

Blue Stain Pine: Discoloration with Style

Blue stain pine is also called beetle kill pine because the fungus is carried by mountain pine beetle. Typically, the wood itself is a light-colored softwood and might have holes where the beetles bored through. Blue stain pine comes in a readily available supply. So it is an affordable alternative for other types of pine, fir or spruce. The coloring makes it a unique and wonderful choice for various applications from walls and ceiling paneling, flooring, interior trim molding, cabinets, furniture, picture frames and more.

While the fungus does not affect the wood’s ability to be worked, it is still important to inspect the pieces for any weakness or splintering caused by the beetles. 

Rest assured that blue stain pine from your friendly lumber supplier is of the highest quality. Interested in this visually unique type of lumber? Reach out to Rustic Lumber.