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A home is more than a house. It is your own unique space, made to suit your tastes, preferences and way of life. After all, there is more to a home than the structural aspects. Since the very way it is built, even the materials used in its construction, reflects who you are as an individual person. This is why for woodworkers and craftsmen, home building is an endeavor that is so rewarding. There is nothing like using your own skills to design and build the dwelling of your dreams, or customize a part of it. And to achieve this, you need a source of quality home building lumber supplies. Thankfully, we have it covered!

Lumber Supplies for Building Your Dream Home

The perfect home requires materials of equal quality. Like this one we made by a satisfied Rustic Lumber customer, a home building project making good use of our cedar products on their siding, garage doors, and ceiling. When it comes to exterior wood, we have products such as:

Bevel Cedar Siding

Exterior beveled cedar lap siding is installed horizontally. It is typically used for siding homes, sheds, barns or cabins and is our most economical option for rustic cedar siding.

Board & Batten Cedar

A great product for exteriors. Cedar is durable and rot resistant. This cedar board and batten is easy to install on any home.

Channel Rustic Cedar

Exterior cedar channel rustic siding can be installed both horizontally or vertically. The pieces lap together as shiplap does, showing a 1” reveal between boards. This is great for homes, barns, sheds or cabins.

Log Siding

Faux log siding gives your cabin all the look of real logs but laps together for easy installation. It also gives you the option of using a different product on the interior walls since it is flat on one side.

Cedar Grizzly Board

Our thickest exterior siding product, cedar grizzly board can have a variety of textures and finishes such as a chink line and hand hewing. Grizzly Board is great for siding cabins and homes as these are extremely durable and will look great for generations to come.

Cedar T&G

Cedar tongue and groove can work anywhere from exterior siding, to soffit, to interior walls. Moreover, cedar T&G board is extremely versatile, and can be installed vertically or horizontally and stained to fit any personality.

Rustic Lumber Interior Wood

Looking for interior wood to make your home or cabin have that ideal, warm, homey and rustic look? Well, look no further. Your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier carries pine, blue pine and aspen.  And these are perfect for any room. 

Aspen T&G

Aspen tongue and groove paneling is perfect for the interior of cabins and homes. Likewise for workplaces and offices. Give your space a rustic, log cabin feel. The brown and red colors throughout give this wood character and ensure every piece is unique. It is available in a 1×6 v-groove.

Knotty Pine T&G

Knotty Pine tongue and groove is also ideal for interiors. The brown and red colors throughout give this wood character and ensure every piece is unique. It is available in a 1×6 v-groove.

Blue Stain Pine T&G 

Sometimes referred to as beetle kill pine since beetles are the reason for all the wormholes and blue coloring throughout the wood. So what remains is a beautiful product great for interior homes, cabins, businesses or craftsman projects.


A great product for interiors, whether as an accent wall or as paneling throughout a home, shed or barn. This product looks great natural or stained/painted. Shiplap is no longer just for farmhouses, this product fits any style!

Looking for lumber supplies for your home building projects? Whether it is an ambitious house or a modest cabin, Rustic Lumber has the wood you need. Want to make orders? Feel free to reach out to your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier  in the Utah, Idaho and Colorado area.