Rustic Lumber Jasperwood Stain, Pecky Cedar Timbers and T&G Pine Used in Tuscany Homes in Colorado Springs

Tuscany Homes in Colorado Springs made good use of Rustic Lumber’s premium products. Our Instagram post shows the houses they built using our Jasperwood Stain, Pecky Cedar Timbers, and T&G Pine. They make the homes look beautiful, with an old-fashioned, warm and welcoming air to them that will definitely attract potential homeowners.

The Perfect Lumber for Home Building

A prestigious home builder such as Tuscany Homes must utilize only the finest of materials. It is fitting as they pride themselves in being central Colorado’s premier custom constructor of houses, having been in business since 2005 to meet the demand of high-end fully custom homes. They combine modern and contemporary styles with a European luxury that is distinct in artistry and atmosphere. Moreover, their innovative design options include sustainable and green-living, age-in-place, and more. So with this in mind they turned to Rustic Lumber and our trusty products. These include:

Jasperwood Stain

One of our custom products. We take new wood and stain it to look like reclaimed lumber. We are now also selling the stain in 2 gallon bottles for $18 per bottle. So you can achieve this look on your own as well.

Pecky Cedar Timbers

Unlike other cedar products, this lumber features areas or pockets of decayed wood caused by the living tree’s advanced stages of rot or fungus. Pecky cedar timbers are perfect for garden boxes, boardwalks, fences or other outdoor projects.

T&G Pine

Our Knotty Pine tongue and groove is perfect for the interior of cabins and homes. The brown and red colors throughout give this wood character and ensure every piece is unique.

On the other hand, Blue Stain Pine T&G is sometimes referred to as beetle kill pine since beetles are the reason for all the wormholes and blue coloring throughout the wood – what’s left is a beautiful product great for interior homes, cabins, businesses or craftsman projects.

These are the Rustic Lumber products used in Tuscany Homes’ constructions. Whether you are building houses or other products as a business or for personal purposes, we have the right materials for you!