Pecky Cedar Landscape Timbers

Want to have a visually distinct yard or garden with character and a rustic look? Then consider pecky cedar for your garden boxes. Unlike other cedar products, this lumber features areas or pockets of decayed wood caused by the living tree’s advanced stages of rot or fungus. That gives it its telltale look. Pecky cedar timbers are perfect for garden boxes, boardwalks, fences or other outdoor projects. 

Pecky Cedar for A Distinct Look and a Job Well Done

Imagine seeing those flowers or fruiting plants growing from your garden box and blossoming. Or a completed boardwalk or fence project made out of this visually distinct timber. It must be a satisfying sight, witnessing the project you have worked so hard on come into fruition. 

These type of projects deserve the right kind of materials. Quality lumber and quality timber. Wood that’s not only durable but will also stand out visually when everything is done. Don’t settle for less. Choose the type of lumber with the right stuff. That’s what we offer, proper materials that will make the results stand out, that will compliment all the effort you have put into your dear project.

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