Port Orford Cedar Decking, Your Next Project?

Take your DIY carpentry project to new heights with our Port Orford Cedar Decking! With this type of wood your product will definitely look great for years to come. And at the same time, the lumber is reasonably priced so you will get the most bang for the buck.

Port Orford Cedar Decking, Going With Good Oregonian Lumber

Port Orford Cedar was discovered near the titular location in Oregon, so that is why it is named as such. And it is also native to northwestern California. It is a strong and lightweight timber with excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Likewise, it is very durable in terms of resisting decay and insect attacks. These are definitely useful attributes for any project or purpose. 

So it has a variety of uses, from arrow shafts to musical instruments like guitar soundboards, building boats and boxes, and mill work. Moreover, a lot of Port Orford Cedar is exported to Japan for wooden ware, repairing houses and even fixing temples. 

So you can see why Port Orford Cedar Decking is definitely a wise investment and a smart course of action when it comes to our DIY home improvement project. It is perfect for a visually striking, structurally strong and materially durable porch, or for a myriad of other uses. 

Thinking of using this type of wood for your next project? Reach out to your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier in Utah, Colorado and Idaho for all the lumber you need.