What Makes 1×6 cedar T&G Siding Popular?

T&G Cedar is an excellent product for exterior and interior siding. It is versatile and easy to install. We usually carry 1×6 cedar T&G siding here at Rustic Lumber Company.


In this post, we will check out the features of our T&G cedar, where to use it, and how to install the material. 


Let’s get started.


1x6 cedar tongue and grove tiny house

This tiny house features our economical cedar T&G siding.

Our 1×6 Cedar T&G boards

Our T&G Cedar measures five and a half inches wide with a five-inch reveal. It is rough-cut on one side and plain on the other. It has a V-groove on both sides. 

The V-groove gives you the choice of installing the lumber on either side. Most customers use the rough side for exterior finishes and the plain side for interiors. 

The rough side is famous for exterior finishes because it takes stain a little better and looks a little bit rustic. 

T&G cedar is indeed a remarkable wood product. It has natural oils that make it rot-resistant. Bugs don’t like to eat this type of wood. So it could last a lifetime. 


Where to use T&G Cedar?

Tongue-and-groove is a method of fitting similar objects together from edge to edge, typically using wood for flooring, parquetry, paneling, and other similar construction. It firmly joins two flat surfaces together to make one single flat surface.

Before plywood became popular, builders used T&G boards for sheathing and constructing concrete formwork. They are excellent for re-entrant angles because they make strong and sturdy joints. It is great for barns, sheds, cabins, and homes.


How to Install T&G cedar wood planks

T&G cedar is pretty flexible. You can install it either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It looks great for exterior siding, cladding, accent walls, and paneling.  

  • Horizontal Installation – Begin at the bottom and work your way up with groove edges facing downward and tongues up. Fasten the pieces together with nails one and a quarter inches deep into the wood. The same goes for diagonal installation.
  • Vertical Installation – For vertical installation, start at one corner and move towards the other side, with the grooved edge facing the adjacent wall. Use a level or plumb line to ensure the wood planks are upright.

Each piece has a deep, thin ridge on one edge and a slit cut along the other. The projection is slightly shorter than the depth of the groove. As a result, two or more components fit snugly together. Because shrinking would pull the tongue off, the joint is usually not glued.


Get your T&G 1×6 cedar siding at Rustic Lumber.

The Rustic Lumber Company sells 1×6 cedar T&G siding. Use these highly versatile and long-lasting rustic timbers for exterior and interior wall siding. 

Check out the available bundles we have online. Give us a call for more information. We’ll be glad to answer all your inquiries.